Thank you for visiting my site about hairgrowth, clothing, food, design and other things that I love.
Drinking maté in Argentina
My name is Doeschka and Dutch is my native language. This website is made so I can share different topics of interest with you and hopefully be able to help you in some way so that you can become an even brighter and shinier woman from the inside out!

My main interest is haircare since I’ve always wanted very long hair, and after doing several experiments of a couple of years, I have been gathering so much information, that I’m sure another person can benefit from what I’ve learned. In my opinion, any woman can grow long hair if she wants, no matter her age. Young or old, if you can and want to, then why not?

Next to haircare, I’m also passionate about a variety of other topics like (modest) clothing, yummy food and (graphic) design.
I have lived in south america before and studied graphic design for a while, and I both loved south america and their people, as well as being able to learn about design. It’s very enjoyable to me and if you like, you can visit my etsy shop through this blog. At the moment I feature resume designs and card designs in that shop.

English is not my native langue but I write in english, so that I can reach a broader audience. Broken english is the most common language in the world, don’t they say so?

I hope to be able to help you or inspire you in some way. I’m more than happy to have you here and share ideas with you! On this page, I only recommend  you tips and products that are based on my own experience or based on something or somebody that I trust. But always remember, what might work for me, might not work for you!

About faith

I grew up as an atheist in my homecountry and if you would have told me in the past that it ever would be different in the future, I would have probably just laughed. However, after being in south america and having met people who have faith, I came to believe in the Father who is in heaven and his son who is the messiah. I respect all people however. Feel free to ask me about faith if you are curious!


Let’s keep in touch!