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3 Shampoos that are kind to waves and curls

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Does it matter what kind of shampoo you use? I never really thought it mattered until I started experimenting with different washing methods. From not using shampoo at all until only washing with conditioner, I’ve tried it all.
One thing I know, is that the things that work for me, might not work for another, based on your needs and also preferred outcome. I have found some shampoos that I absolutely love, for my hair type, and will recommend these based my personal experience.

My hair is very fine, as in fine strands of hair. I thought that I had straight hair with an annoying ‘poof’ to it, which I always tried to comb out of my hair while it was drying. Later, when I tried conditioner only washing, I discovered that I actually have slightly wavy hair. It can be almost totally straight or wavy, depending on the weather AND depending on the type of shampoo I use.

Straight and wavy hair

Wave and curl encouraging shampoos

As you can see in the photo above, there is a definite difference in texture. When using sulfates my hair usually goes almost completely straight. It doesn’t matter what type of sulfate, or if it’s a coco-sulfate. All sulfates make my hair go straighter.

What I have been looking for is a shampoo that is not too harsh, but still cleanses my hair and scalp, as I’m dealing with hard water and baby shampoos just did not cleanse enough. Also conditioner only washing was not an option for me as my scalp got very irritated and I suffered hair loss with that method.

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Top 3

Here is the top 3 of my favourite shampoos that work for me and my hair type. And might work for you and your hair type. I do have to say that I’ve seen curly-haired girls also use these kind of shampoos so the shampoos I mention are great for different types of wavy and curly hair.

1. Schwarzkopf kids shampoo & conditioner

Schwarzkopf kids shampoo & conditioner pink   Schwarzkopf kids shampoo & conditioner pink
This is a 2 in 1. I never thought I’d like a 2 in 1 but this Schwarzkopf kids shampoo & conditioner works great! It leave my hair feeling soft and it is fantastic to preserve your waves/curls!

Personally I can’t use just this 2 in 1 forever, because my scalp can’t handle any kind of conditioner left on it. But if I use it in combination with something stronger for my scalp every now and then, then it is one of my favourite shampoos and as a bonus: it is cheap as well!

2. Yes to cucumbers colour protection shampoo

Yes to cucumber colour protection shampoo
This cucumbers colour protection shampoo is my favourite from the three options mentioned. The only reason I put it at the second place, is because it’s more expensive as the Schwarzkopf 2 in 1 shampoo. But the bottle is pretty big so it’s still a great deal!
I don’t know what it is with this shampoo but it is both moisturizing as well as cleansing and leaves the hair very shiny!

If you have fine hair that gets weighed down easily or straightened easily because of sulfates, then I’d really recommend this shampoo. Even though your hair might not be coloured (neither is mine) this shampoo can still be used because it is very gentle to the hair. The packaging may vary in different countries.

3. Dr. Organic tea tree shampoo

Dr organic tea tree shampoo  Dr organic tea tree shampoo
A great tea tree shampoo which preserves the wave in my hair just as the other shampoos mentioned and doesn’t let it go straight. I prefer to use it in combination with a conditioner. This shampoo doesn’t dry my hair out like a sulfate shampoo and I love the fact that it has tea tree in it, which helps combat fungal issues.

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Did you try any of the shampoos mentioned and do you have wavy or curly hair? How did they work for you and what are other recommendations for your hair type? Let me know in the comments down below!

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