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Hair growth after bleach damage

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Hi there everyone!!

After having bleached my hair a long while ago and when starting to grow back my natural hair color, I noticed that some spots on my edges, which had been receding, grew back.
You can read about this first year of growing out my hair after having destroyed it with bleach over here.

I actually thought that I was going bald in those spots on my edges. Getting older and such.. But I was wrong.
Even though I hadn’t bleached nor colored my hair for months, the hair on my edges started to come back only when I started to experiment with ‘no-poo’ methods.

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Re-growth of edges

The hair on the edges is in my case the hair that grows the slowest, and I think this counts for many people. (Let me know if it is not like that for you in the comments!)

My absolute favourite DIY hair mask that gave me amazing results is amla. I have seen amazing results when using this on my hair. It made my hair grow quicker and is cheap as well.

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Below are some photo’s to show you what happened with those edges. The first photo is from the end of september 2017 and the second photo is from the middle of february 2018. There is 5 months between these photo’s but I did trim some length of these pieces of hair when I cut side swept bangs.

Hair can grow back

I hope that this encourages you that if you feel like you’re balding in some areas, it is possible that these areas recover and grow back with some care.

Pay attention that you eat balanced with sufficient vitamins and when it comes to hair care. Your hair will thrive if you help it out with a rinse (like an amla hair rinse or diluted vinegar/lemon juice rinse) that comes close to the natural ph of your hair (between 4.5 and 5.5).

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Edges hairgrowthEdges hairgrowth after 5 months

Have you ever had balding areas? Was there anything that helped you growing your hair back? Let me know in the comments below!

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