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5 modest skirts in which you can cycle

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In my country we go everywhere with the bike. And I really mean: everywhere. From work, to the supermarket, to cycling around for fun. You name it.

But.. When using a bicycle and also wanting to use a skirt (or dress), I’ve encountered various problems.

  • A skirt can be too tight to be able to move your legs.
  • A skirt can be too light and fly upward with the wind which is not something you want to happen.
  • When riding a bike, a skirt can be too long and get stuck between the pedals, chain or wheel.

For every problem is a solution and in my quest to finding skirts in which you can still cycle, I found some options that are suitable to use, even when you get on your bicycle and hit the road!

Hop on your bicycle with one of these beautiful modest skirts from Modli

Floral knee length skirt
This floral knee length dress is long enough and wide enough, so that when you step on your bike, it will hang between the legs.

Blue knee length skirt
Another great option is this pretty blue skirt which is slightly longer as the previous skirt.

Modest pink pants skirt
What about a pants skirt? These beautiful pink bottoms look like a skirt but are actually pants! Ideal to use on your bike while staying feminine.

Modest red midi skirt

This bright red skirt is slightly longer but still not long enough to get stuck in parts of your bike.

Modest wide leg pants skirt
Another kind of pants skirt, I love these! These bottoms are made of a lighter fabric as the previous one I’ve mentioned and will be ideal for slightly warmer seasons.

These modest skirts and pant skirts are feminine while at the same time practical enough to not feel too akward when riding your bike. For more modesty I’d always recommend using some kind of leggings underneath your skirt, just in case!

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Your experience?

What is your experience with skirts and bicycles or other situations in which a skirt or dress isn’t always practical? Tell us all about it and your tips, in the comments below!

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Featured photo is by Scott Webb on Unsplash


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