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The aftermath of bleaching hair

Once upon a time…
When I was living in the land of long hair, there was a moment when bleached hair became a fashion. During that time, the idea crept upon me, that bleaching would be a good idea. “Why not bleach, it will look so much better on you!” Oh yes, it seemed so appealing. All hair one color, the promise of having an amazing hair color. “What harm could it do?”.

So I went for it. Spending about 100 euro for a bleaching session and cut. I was enthousiastic, happy even. Optimistic. I went to a salon and got it done. It took about 3 hours in total and even though I enjoyed it at the beginning, after a while my scalp hurt pretty much. A burning sensation. I left with shorter hair and a lighter wallet.

At first I really liked it. Then it started to grow out and I did not like the difference in color, so I decided to try some kind of blonde henna to fix it. This resulted in tri-colored hair. My hair got really damaged and dry from bleaching and I wanted to get my hair back. Here is where my hair journey with many experiments like the ‘no-poo’ method, began.

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Bleached hair                        Tri-colored, experimented with curly girl method

Growing out bleached hair and cutting it off

Then I moved to the land of short hair. I had started to experiment with different techniques like the curly girl method and this gave me some results. But it also made it obvious to me how dry and damaged my bleached hair was. So I cut it short in order to not having to deal with the difference. The process of growing out my hair, took a lot longer than I had anticipated.

Especially because after the first time of cutting, I cut my hair another time, to get rid of some parts that looked orange and had been colored with a kind of henna. I was not ready to cut off everything, so I cut off all colored parts and ended up with a style that grew out to be a kind of mullet. It got longer and touched my shoulders, but only the back, the top layer was a lot shorter and because of that it resulted in very uneven hair.

Process of growing out hair and cutting it off


Result after a year of growing out hair

I was really happy that my hair had gotten to my shoulders, but wanted it all to be at the same length and cut the uneven parts off again. Trying to grow out bleach, took me about a year and in this year I got to about chin length hair. I am writing this, because maybe you are in a process of growing out your hair or turning your back on bleach. You can see how long it took me and if I did not cut off my hair, it might have been easier in some way, since I do not like short hair.

Hair growth, a year after cutting out bleach.

If you are trying to grow out your hair, then stay positive, it will grow and your hair will get longer. The time that it takes, might feel really long, but it will get better and you will be happy that you persevered! Whatever you do, do not try to cut it too much during the growing process, it will not help a lot because that way, you’ll only have to wait longer. Basically, do not make the same mistakes as I did 😉

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Tips on growing out your hair faster

While growing out my hair from a really short cut, I’ve been trying tons of methods to help speed up this process.
If you want a supplement to aid with hair growth, then almost the only thing that really helped me out was hydrolyzed collagen. I’ve written about it over here.

Purchasing collagen powder through one of the affiliate links will give you a 5% discount.

Other than that, I’ve figured that the best way to optimize your hair growth, is to pay attention to what you eat. I’ve investigated different foods for hair growth, and written about it here.

And I’ve made a simple meal plan that you could follow, or can use as inspiration to make your own plan over here.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope these tips will be useful for you.

Let me know in the comments below if you are growing your hair out and what your progress is. Maybe you have been through something similar once? What has helped you or is helping you at the moment on your journey to longer hair?

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