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Lower your stress levels

Stress. It is a feeling a lot of us experience. Many of us lead busy lives with different triggers. Those triggers can come from your outside environment as well as from the way you think. How can you lower your stress levels on a practical level?


I lived in a state of continuous stress. But I barely even realized it. In some way, I did know that I could feel calmer. It was as if I had gotten used to my state of being and didn’t realize there was a way out.

One day I read about the symptoms of a high cortisol level. Among those symptoms were mood swings, acne, anxiety, poor sleep pattern, excessive thirst, higher risk for bone fractures and muscle aches and pains (1).
It got me thinking. I have all of these. I can’t know if I had a higher risk for bone fractures, but I did always have joints that would make cracking noises when I’d move them in certain directions, all over my body. All the signs applied to me.

What did I do about it?

High cortisol levels cause inflammation. It seems logical that because of that inflammation, a lot of negative symptoms occur in your body, as it puts your body constantly in a state where it has to combat that inflammation.
Then I came across some information about how to help your body fight that inflammation. Cholesterol fights inflammation in your body by attacking the inflammation and getting rid of it (2).

I will mention that I am not a doctor and I’m merely sharing a personal experience over here. My experience can serve to help you but I do not know your anything about your health and would not recommend you to take action based on what I’ve said before seeking out professional advice.

As the source that I’ve mentioned above also states, you can find cholesterol in foods like butter, eggs and seafood.

Butter coffee

I came across butter coffee as a new trend. Also called ‘bulletproof coffee’. Basically it is coffee with butter and coconut oil. There are a whole lot of people who take this coffee without eating anything else for extensive periods of time during the morning or other parts of the day. I tried that, and would not recommend doing the same.
Coffee and butter, both have different vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. I’ve mentioned the vitamin and mineral content in a couple of foods in the article below.

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I tried to just consume coffee with butter for added cholesterol. When only drinking butter and coffee and not much else, my body was not very happy and I passed some bad moments when trying out to only drink buttercoffee and nothing else. It only increased my feelings of anxiety and heart rate.
I had kind of taken it to the extreme as well and tried to take a couple of cups of coffee with in total 5 tablespoons of butter in the morning and then nothing else even until the early evening. Don’t do that. When experiencing bad effects, I stopped doing that.

What díd work

What I did do, and what really helped was eating more butter, eggs, milk and sometimes fish, in my diet. For some reason I had bought into the lie that butter, milk and eggs are bad for you. I had eliminated eating these foods for a long period of time. I came to believe that eating no fat at all was better.
Looking back now, I realize that it only had made me feel worse and probably also gave me a deficiency in fat soluble vitamins like A, D and K.

I do drink butter coffee, with a bit of milk, and I do really like it. However, I also try to eat many other foods in combination with that. Adding foods that contain cholesterol, back into my diet, I felt more relaxed.
The big change was that I felt more tired in the evening and more awake in the morning. As it’s supposed to be.
Before this, I had felt very awake in the night and extremely tired in the morning. The feeling to get back what was supposed to be normal, was amazing. At this point I realized that my health and overall anxiety rate, had been worse than I thought, since the change was so drastic. When it gets dark, I start to feel more sleepy nowadays, something I had lost before.

Different types of coffee
Photo by Cyril Saunier on Unsplash

How I like to drink my buttercoffee:

If you have a caffeine sensitivity, you could make hot chocolate instead of coffee, with a bit of butter.

Make a coffee with whatever coffee you prefer.
Add 1,5 teaspoon of butter to your coffee.
Add 1 tablespoon of hydrolyzed gelatin.
Add a bit of milk.

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When it comes to what you eat, the key is balance. To do extreme things in one direction or the other, thinking that it will be our magic health potion, doesn’t usually work out. I forgot that myself when I heard about some new theories like drinking a lot of butter coffee only. But variety is always the best. Supplying your body with various nutrients from various sources, without it becoming a incredible complicated thing, is usually the way to go.

So now I drink some butter coffee when I feel like drinking it, not making it complicated, just making a coffee with some butter and a little bit of milk in it.

Other times I prefer tea with milk. Or chocolate milk. Eatings some eggs. Some fish.

Putting foods back into my life, that contain cholesterol, has helped tremendously with reducing my stress levels. I know ofcourse, that there are a lot of different opinions on what to eat and what not to eat. This is what worked for me. You are free to choose what you put in your body.

Last tip

Stress is usually not only caused by your physical body but can be because of external stressors or your own thoughts. Try to stay away from external stressors and try to think positive.
Thinking positive is something that is a learning process for me personally and I know that I’m not the only one. But it is the best remedy to diminishing stress. If caught up in a negative thought or thought pattern, try to replace this thought for a better one.

So instead of thinking: “what an awful rainy day!” try changing it to anything that you DO like.
Maybe: it is great that the plants get watered. Maybe: now you have an excuse to stay inside and read a book. Maybe: at least you don’t live in a desert where it almost never rains.
Whatever it is, any nice thought, will help to steer away from negativity and in return, will cause less negative emotions and reduce stress levels.

Do you eat certain foods in order to reduce your stress levels? What other methods work to be able to cope with stressors in your life?

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Featured photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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