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Modest dresses that are modern and elegant

Modest dresses aren’t always easy to find. When shopping around in stores, sometimes I have search a lot or consider altering some pieces of clothing. It is possible to find modest dresses in stores, but you have to search a bit harder.

An easier place to find modest dresses (which look great as well!) are the following online resources which I love:

My top favorite at the moment, is Modli

They have a big range of elegant dresses as well as many other types of modest clothing. I love how their dresses are modern and that you can choose from a lot of different styles and colors. Aren’t these dresses beautiful? Click on one of the images to go to their website.

The links from Modli are affiliate links, this means I receive a small commision at no extra cost for you, if you purchase something from Modli.

Modest dress from Modli modest dress by Modli modest dress by Modli

On the second place comes Neeseesdresses

They have a lot of different options to choose from and the dresses are colorful and feminine.

Modest dress in pink by neeseesdresses     modest dress in mocha by neeseesdresses     modest dress floral by neeseesdresses     modest maxi dress in taupe by neeseesdresses

On the third place comes Mikarose

With a great variety of dresses with different styles and colors, I think they are a great option if you’re looking for a great outfit!

modest dress navy naomi dress by mikarose modest dress floral by mikarose modest dress in floral kaylee by mikarose

I am not affiliated (yet) with neeseesdresses or mikarose.

All these shops offer a great range of modest dresses which I love and it makes the search for a nice outfit a little bit more easy.

Do you like any of these dresses? Leave a comment down below!

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